Use Kind Words and Actions

Our Values focus for this week has been Using Kind Words and Actions.  One part that we focused on has been giving people compliments.  We came up with some examples and then wrote compliments to people in our hub.  We also tried to make someone’s day by making compliment cards for other people in our school and someone at home.

Zones of Regulation Review

The Zones of Regulation are used to help us regulate our emotions in order to be in the best space for learning.  To start 2023, we did a hub brainstorm to see what we already know about the zones.

This is what we came up with:

Our next step is to be able to explain what strategies we can use and use them in our daily lives.

Fresh Fish Stinky Fish

 Things That Help or Hinder Our Learning

For one of our beginning-of-the-year class activities, we used Fresh Fish Stinky Fish to identify and discuss the things that help and the thongs that hinder our learning.  We included things that make us feel low, impacting how we learn.  
Our focus with this task is to ensure we are aware of what we do to have the best possible opportunities at school and beyond.
These are the thoughts we recorded after a Think, Pair, Share activity.

Time To Time

One of our values is Be There and we have been looking at the importance of being on time with the places we need to be and with the things we need to do.  This is a T Chart of the implications for being punctual vs being late.

I think I need to work on being on time and not leaving things to the last minute.

Voki Time

To consolidate our learning of our current timestables and to learn a new creative tool, we used Voki to share our learning.  We also had to add in encouraging sentences to make our Voki more interesting for our audience.

Once our Voki were created, we used Screencastify to record it.

Here is Miss Waho’s example:


Simple Strategies for Sanity

This week for Values, we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation and the strategies we can use to help us regulate ourselves when we lose control of our emotions.

This Google Drawing shows some of my ideas about the things I can do to help be calm and relaxed.

For us, our next step is to show and use these strategies instead of letting our emotions get away on us.

Do you know of any other way to help keep calm and happy?

Sharing My Writing

Happy Holidays At Home

By Lee-Anne Waho

My holiday was one of rest, sleep, relaxation and Netflix.  

Term Two was quite busy so when it came to the holidays I was ready to sleep…and sleep I did.  Some days I didn’t get out of bed until after lunchtime.  Those days went very quickly once I was finally up.

I found some really interesting documentaries on Netflix that I just couldn’t stop watching because they were so intriguing they were about people who were convicted of crimes that they didn’t actually commit.  Watching them made me feel very grateful that we live in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I had two road trips to Ashburton.  On one of these visits, I meet up with Mrs Duthie and some other staff who have been at our school for years and years and years.  We had lunch at quite a nice place and caught up on what everybody had been doing.  It had been raining quite a lot and the flooding on the streets was a bit of a worry.

On my second trip to Ashburton, I took my mum for lunch and to a wool shop.  She’s a really good knitter and likes looking at different types and colours of wool.  (It’s not really my thing but I was glad Mum enjoyed it).  

The holidays are now over and we are back to school.  Although I miss the lazy days, I am happy to be back with Te Ara Angitu.

Musical Mayhem

For Digital Fluency we have been learning to use Screencastify to record and share what we have created.

Today, we experimented with a Music Lab tool called Kandinski.  We wrote our names saying Ko Lee-Anne ahau.

This is my first attempt:

I thought this was quite a fun thing to do and another way to learn how to introduce myself in Te Reo Māori.

The next step in my learning would be to explore more to see what else I can use this tool for.  Do you have any ideas?