Times Tables

Today I practised my 10 xTables.  I think I did pretty well but I was a bit slow today.  I made a couple of terrible mistakes.

My next step is to test myself on my 10x tables and then start working on my 3x tables.

Here are two pictures of my mahi.


Prototec Week 3 Term 2

Prototec is a basic facts site we use in Numeracy.  Today, I did a Stage 4 sheet which is my level in Math.  I scored 15/60.  I did it really fast so made some mistakes.  My score was better than I thought it would be.

Next time, I need to actually try.

Here is my screenshot:

Te Ara Angitu Expectations

At the start of Term Two we had many of our students return to school after quite a long time of being away due to the COVID situation.  We decided that we need to recap and review the expectations that we have for our hub.

These are the ideas we came up with.

Our next step is to ensure that we continue to show these expectations.