My Wonderful Writing

Kia ora koutou.

Today, I am sharing a piece of my writing that I think shows some of my best work. I am proud of this because I think I have used some great descriptive words. I used this image prompt for my writing.

 The invisible Man i so I went to him i don’t see him so and i wavered  to him i don’t see him i went to see him  he was walking  down the street . so i  . walked to him  and he came to me so he is not invisible!

My next step in Writing is to use a capital I when it is on its own.

Do Unto Others

Don’t Treat Me This Way

In our discussions about using kind words and actions, we viewed the story, The Golden Rule.

From viewing this book, we had a discussion about what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated.  Our discussion went into the ways we don’t like being treated and how this can help us to remember not to treat others in these ways.

The main part of our discussion was about name-calling.  We shared some really upsetting things about the names that we have been called throughout our lives.  It was really sad hearing what people have been called and we could all empathise with how name-calling makes us feel.

We are going to make an effort to make sure we are not the ones to be hurting each other.

This is a list of ways we don’t like to be treated:

Sharing My Writing

Happy Holidays At Home

By Lee-Anne Waho

My holiday was one of rest, sleep, relaxation and Netflix.  

Term Two was quite busy so when it came to the holidays I was ready to sleep…and sleep I did.  Some days I didn’t get out of bed until after lunchtime.  Those days went very quickly once I was finally up.

I found some really interesting documentaries on Netflix that I just couldn’t stop watching because they were so intriguing they were about people who were convicted of crimes that they didn’t actually commit.  Watching them made me feel very grateful that we live in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I had two road trips to Ashburton.  On one of these visits, I meet up with Mrs Duthie and some other staff who have been at our school for years and years and years.  We had lunch at quite a nice place and caught up on what everybody had been doing.  It had been raining quite a lot and the flooding on the streets was a bit of a worry.

On my second trip to Ashburton, I took my mum for lunch and to a wool shop.  She’s a really good knitter and likes looking at different types and colours of wool.  (It’s not really my thing but I was glad Mum enjoyed it).  

The holidays are now over and we are back to school.  Although I miss the lazy days, I am happy to be back with Te Ara Angitu.