Terrific Times Tables Journey

Kia ora koutou.

At the start of 2023, I was on my 3x Tables. I have worked pretty hard this year and now I am on the ➗ 4.

In our hub we work on the times tables in this order:

x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x6, x7, x8, x9, x11, x12. We do the same order for division.

Here is an example of some of my online work:

My goal is: to be on ➗8 by the end of the year.

My Wonderful Writing

Kia ora koutou.

Today, I am sharing a piece of my writing that I think shows some of my best work. I am proud of this because I think I have used some great descriptive words. I used this image prompt for my writing.

 The invisible Man i so I went to him i don’t see him so and i wavered  to him i don’t see him i went to see him  he was walking  down the street . so i  . walked to him  and he came to me so he is not invisible!

My next step in Writing is to use a capital I when it is on its own.