Life Education

Harold Is Back

We have all been very excited this week because the Life Education van has brought Harold back to us.

We are learning about the brain and how it works and controls what we do. Check out the individual student blogs to see more details.

17 thoughts on “Life Education

  1. Talofa Lava!
    Harold was so fun, and it was very sad because it was our last time there! We got to learn about our brain. I now have a better understanding on what each part of the brain does.

    I won’t release the secrets because a year 5 might see this… But I enjoyed patting Harold at the end, his horns didn’t feel like what I expected it to be, but it was really cool:) By the way I love the pictures.


  2. I really like Harold because, I had Harold in my old school. And we used to have like dance parties
    and cake in my old school (Bellfast)

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