Fresh Fish Stinky Fish

 Things That Help or Hinder Our Learning

For one of our beginning-of-the-year class activities, we used Fresh Fish Stinky Fish to identify and discuss the things that help and the thongs that hinder our learning.  We included things that make us feel low, impacting how we learn.  
Our focus with this task is to ensure we are aware of what we do to have the best possible opportunities at school and beyond.
These are the thoughts we recorded after a Think, Pair, Share activity.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Fish Stinky Fish

  1. Hello I am Brenna I found your blog post very interesting I would like to learn more about fish your blog post had all the detail I would have expected well done I give you a 5 star rating out of 5.

  2. Hello! I’m Zoey. I saw this blog and It caught my interest about stinky fish and fresh fish because I would have never known about it if I didn’t see the blog post anyways you did a great job bye have a wonderful Day/Night 🙂

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